Santa's wish list for a better EU ETS

dinsdag, 29 november, 2022

As we enter the final stage of the negotiations between the Council, the Commission and the Parliament, this dialogue between key EU policymakers and civil society organisations will take stock of the progress made so far, and discuss remaining priorities to improve the EU ETS and make it fit for purpose.

What is the status of the trilogue negotiations? What has already been decided, are there any loose ends to be tied up? What are the major stumbling blocks? What does civil society expect from the process? And can policymakers live up to the challenge?

Join us on December 8 2022 for this lively debate and add your wishes to the list for a better EU ETS. Register here!


  • European Parliament rapporteur on ETS, Pieter Liese
  • Representative of the Czech presidency of the Council of the European Union
  • Representative of DG Clima, tbc


With NGOs  representatives from different Member States